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tv   Action News  ABC  July 9, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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the storms have come and gone. they have left behind some damage. and a whole lot of people without electricity.
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tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is just what we expected. powerful straightline winds raked across the region. peco is scurrying to getting back the power. and cecily tynan has the latest from double scan radar and accuweather. >> the damaging winds and severe weather is over. the double scan is showing that the storms completely cleared pennsylvania. we have scattered showers across south jersey. we have pocket was heavy rain near mays landing now for the. another cell is moving into cape may. dorothy is crossing route 322 near egg harbor. heavy downpours working to the east. it was a squall line that main
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line of storms ahead of a cold front that slowly is moving in that produced the powerful wind gusts. and philadelphia reporting a washington at 59 miles-an-hour. and lancaster 58. wilmington is 51. south of allentown 51-mile wind gusts. we have lots of report was trees and power lines scattered across our viewing area. expect for the shores as the stormed weakened. a lot of people without electricity. i have been getting a lot of scenes like this from my twitter account. the tree toppled over to her pool. a lot of cleanup on the way tomorrow. more what to expect behind the system in the full accuweather forecast. jim. thank you, cecily. and chad is live in mount airy.
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what have they seen? >>reporter:a lot of damage. you know this was a fast-moving storm. when it hit it hit hard with the strong winds. this is the scene on the 600 block of vernon. decade-old trees snapped like a toothpick. it brought down power lines. it has played across the region. this was in old baltimore pike. the storm hit quickly but it packed a punch. >> loud wind came through and crashed, boom. power went out. look outside we see a big tree. >>reporter:this was the scene of the wissinoming section on the
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4500 block of mckinley street. another tree came crashing down. we are dealing with massive power outages across the five-county region. you have over 209,000 customers without power. the crews are busy trying to get the power restored and the situation back up and running for customers. i am one of those customers without power. it's a hot night. it cooled over a bit. there is quite a bit of damage. the cleanup is somewhat extensive. i am chad pradelli "channel~6 action news." thank you, chad. a baby is among four victims injured on a crash at i-95. it was near island avenue. two vehicles collided. this was 65:00 tonight. the crash flipped over the red car against the guardrail and
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threw a 21-year-old man over the vehicle. they are not sure what caused the crash. they went to great lengths to defend the actions of firefighters and the dispatchers the night that a blaze killed four children in south philadelphia. they are on ges. >>reporter:they still say it doesn't seem right to them. >> it's the first 911 to report the fast-moving weekend fire that killed four small children in southwest philadelphia. this man made it. >> i don't think that anything would have saved those children. to be honest the fire was so fast and chaotic. >>reporter:jeff boom that lost
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his home he grabbed a fire extinguisher. >> they started to put the pans on and started to load the trucks up. >>reporter:the 911 call took center stage as derrick sawyer gave a detailed timeline for the response. it was a moving tension that so many believe that the firefighters took too long. >> it went from three houses to eight houses in 10 minutes. if it was burning like 8 minutes the whole block would have burned down. >>reporter:the first engine was dispatched and later one later and 27 seconds later ladder 4 arrived 3 minutes after the original call. it was not equipped for the
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massive blaze. as far as you know not having the water was of the main problem. >>reporter:the engine was a car fire it arrived 6 minutes after the first 911 call. as for how long it took to get water on the fire, the city says it's under investigation. >> these gentlemen these women did what they could. but to criticize this department is not fair. it's not fact. that is what we are putting in front of you. >>reporter:several residents say the controversy about the response is taking away from the fact that four children are dead. family advice lost their homes. we still don't know the cause of that fire. the city says at that time line issue has not hampered the investigation jim. kenneth moton "channel~6 action news." this was a liberian
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neighborhood. jeremiah came to philadelphia to feel the hurt and comfort the families and urge calm in a grieving community. >> how can we move from there place forward? how can we prevent this thing from happening? it's this family today. it could be another family tomorrow. what lesson do we learn from this? >> bob brady accompanied the ambassador in a meeting with the victims family tonight. they will help with immigration issues with paperwork lost in the fire. it suffered through a pain of a deadly fire before. seven people were killed in december of 2008. the day after christmas at 64th and elmwood. that is three blocks from this weekend's deadly fire. four children were the victims.
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they were byberian immigrants. think rely on their community fore -- liberian immigrants.the. they hit the ground very hard in the yard of the elementary school. the skydivers have thrown out the pennridge airport. miles away they jump out of plane. they suffered serious injuries but survived the fall. they are waiting for the pennsylvania legislature to finalize the tax. a $2 great tax to fund the philadelphia schools is at least another step away tonight. the pennsylvania senate voted 43 to 5 this evening to approve the
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hike. they want the tax to expire in five years. that exchange plus a measure on the hotel taxes attached to the tax bill is forced to be sent back to the house for a second time. hite says that it throws the school back into uncertainty. mayor nutter without a tax, schools will not open in time for the fall. tom corbett was touring the north america handcuffs almac group. he visited the clean rooms. it was to highlight corbett's economic agenda as he tries to come from behind in the polls against tom wolf. still to come on "action news" tonight the most popular story on tonight. we'll hear from a woman that found out she is living in the
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home of a serial killer. it's panic on the streets offer israel. they take aim at hamas with deadly precision. out of step, camden is is te keeping them out of their studio without any warning. details in what it means for news the full accuweather seven-day forecast. who scored more the phillies against the brewers or germany against
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this was the scene in tel~aviv as air raid sirens went off and israelis ran for bomb shelters. they launched 100 bombs
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including tel~aviv and jerusalem. and it hit scores of targets killing 25 people. this is video of 5 hamas commandos coming ashore from the shea. an israeli helicopter was waiting for them and hit them with rocket fire. the five commandos were killed. and tests of smallpox are dead or alive. they discovered viles of the virus last week. it doesn't pose an immediately danger. they were stored at room temperature. it needs to be stored in the cold to remain alive and dangerous. thousands of childrening showing uchildrenchildren showi.
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they are used to care for the children coming across and inpart to force the law and secure the border. and a storm hit the shores of okinawa today. it brought high winds that gusts up to 135 miles-an-hour. it shows the heavy rain and rough seas. the storm is forecasted to move across the main island over the coming day. a missouri woman is living a scene out at horror film. catrina mcghaw found out that she is living in a house that a serial killer was renting. and travis recorded some the crimes held downstairs. >> the basement was his torture chamber. it's not okay.
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>> the landlord turns out to be the killer's mother. she refused to let mcghauw out of the lease. they have stepped in to help mcghaw break the lease. and the site panel of the national republican committee issued its decision today. the convention will be substantial attention to city which has been working hard to turn itself around the last time that cleft hosted the republican convention was 1936. and a nationally celebrated drill team from camden says it has been locked out of his practices facility. tawanda johnson founder of sophisticated sisters showed up to practice. they found fencing around the building and closure signs.
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the facility is owned by the city of contaminate. they were given no advance notice. >> we are grateful for them letting us use the space for as long as they can. to shut us out with no notice. we have the kids coming from sicklerville and gloucester county. it's a slap in the face. they stole the show on "dancing with the stars." they are not locked out. it's under renovation and not deemed safe. >> the people enjoyed an urban oasis on south street. they held a grand opening party for the pop-up garden. they enjoyed greenery transplanted from the flower show. it sports the city harvest
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program. it looked like they were having a good time. the storm is moving out to sea. over parts of south jersey. and the live double scan shows it is moved out the delaware. we have thunderstorms hanging along the coast. tuckerton right now you see heavy rain over the garden stay parkway. -- state parkway. they are dropping heavy downpours and sea isle city and six lightning strikes in the last few minutes. you see the lightning is lighting up the sky. this system was partially fueled by the build-up of heat and humidity. yesterday's high 93 degrees today we bumped it up to 95.
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two days in the 90s. it humid earlier today. it muggy. philadelphia 74. millville 70. allentown 71. wilmington 72. sea isle city 73. this is a six hour loop t. shows how quickly the systems are racing to the east at 50 miles-an-hour. they move from west of harrisburg to the coast in a matter of six hours. the watch box advice disappeared. they are not severe now. they are moving off the coast. the cold front that triggered the storms is not through. it's moving through tomorrow. tomorrow is unsettled. a few spotty showers. as we head through the day a mix of sun and clouds. scattered showers popping up not a severe line a squall line that
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we saw tonight and clear storms that drops the humidity for the remainder of the work week. keep your eye on the sky. 11:00, 81. by 3:00, 85 degrees. timing out your day a mixture of cloud and sunshine. not at comfortable day. by 11:00, 83, by 2:00, 87, by 5:00, 89 degrees. it muggy. cold front sweeps through. it bring aus breath of fresh air on thursday, friday and saturday. the seven-day forecast, warm not as hot as yesterday. 89 a high tomorrow. thursday it will feel nice. lower humidity. sunny. 86. friday it's a nice day. a mixture of cloud and sun. saturday is the better of two
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days this weekend. 87 for the union game. on sunday the humidity is up a notch. 88. monday as another cold front pulls through. it's unsettled. 86. tuesday is transition day a lingering shower earlier and sunshine, 86. i think that we will have a lot of problems with the commute with the trees down and power lines down. you want to tune that on "action news" at 4:30. always. thank you, cecily. we told you about the delayed peach crop. mother nature is kinder to the stay's blueberrys. the farmer cannot wait. the fruit is perishable. they are ripe. it goes seven days a week after they are plucked at moores in tabernacle. they remove the berries that are
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too soft or green or too small. it blueberry season in new jersey. coffee can help of lose extra weight as long as you are working out. the journal of sports nutrition and exercise, burned about 15% more calories and it is not clear if the caffeine provides a boost to work out harder or an effect of it being in the blood stream. it is linked to increase circulation and reduce post-workout pain. >> it's mega millions. good evening i am brian hooker. it's tuesday july 8th. it's estimated at 25 million. you must match all five white balls and the gold mega ball.
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48. next up we have 27. that is followed by 25. then we have 49. our final white ball tonight is 14. for the mega ball number, is 9. 48, 27, 25, 49, 14, and the h,z/
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more than 500 athletic seniors that took part in the delaware county senior games were recognized today in drexel hill. cy has been compete forgot 11 years at 88. no one saw this coming. poor. that is what he used to describe the phillies offense this season, poor. one night the phillies prove him wrong. it's a rough night for kyle kendrick. they responded in the second inning. chase utley the all-star he drives in a pair here. 6 averag6-5.
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this is what ruben expects power. he has driven in three runs tonight as has utley. 9-7 in the ninth inning. wins and losses are not as important as the development of younger players. and they play 24 minutes and finishes with 8 points on the shooting. i love that hair. and three blocked shots. the sixers win 92-71. the sixers send another team to play. dirn will be a part of it. with his invitation he's living the team. >> to get the call for your home team it's exciting. to know that you are representing a team that you
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grew up watching. i am glad to be here. >> a shocker at the world cup. brazil is stunned in re
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with option line. visit a branch or online to apply. subject to credit approval. the world cup reached the semi-final stage the netherlands faces argentina. germany was supposed to play brazil today. they never showed up. the germans are on fire. thomas muller the fifth of the world cup.
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and miri sla mirislav krill. it's five goals in a span of 18 minutes. germany wins 7-1. >> the union defeat them. there are plenty of things that make it great. the ability to sue anyone for anything is not one of them. tell you what how comfortable is that? probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. is that guy to -- andy rector is suing the network. it opened an unending verbal
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cascade. don kruk is one of the announcers mentioned in the suit. you got a pillow. it was four days later on the 8th when they heard the declaration of independence. >> we hope that these are self-evidence that all men are created equal. >> they gathered outside of inspect hall in philadelphia on this date in 1776 it was congressional john nixon who read the declaration of independence. and for the entire action news
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